A role model !

Well, it’s been around three weeks now, since my last post got out…I remember it is oct 5 I guess I did post about Steve jobs. I bought the book ‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson this week.

I want to share with you two simple points which tells you the  difference  between a master and a genius, the way I look at the words and also the way I understood these words.

Around a week ago I saw this photo in Facebook and I was actually kicked with a yellow boot in one sense.

Steve Jobs and Bill Gates

a genius and a master

I didn’t  understand what does the above  photo actually tell you!

  • Is Bill Gates a role model?
  • Is Steve aggressive business man? or
  • people do not know the meaning  of a aggressive businessman and a role model? or
  • Are people thinking in a ‘wrong’ way ?

To me Steve is a genius and Bill gates is a master and both of them are role models to various other personalities in the world.

Many people are inspired by both the people mentioned above. But what should people understand is every person thinks in a different way,has a different and a definite path and actually tries to go in the path and do things what he actually dream t of .

To me genius is really a ‘BIG’ word than the word ‘MASTER’ . To me Steve is really big than Bill . So to me Steve is a genius and Bill is a master.

The reasons why many people  admire Steve or Steve appears to be admirable than Bill is something called ‘the fusion of art and technology’ . According to Steve it is ” a marriage between art and technology”.  Apple makes devices and Microsoft makes software. For a consumer you give software without hardware I guess there is no meaning.  So Apple gives you a device which is really simple to operate and actually all Apple products take their birth in the mind and heart of Steve. I never saw a device coming out from Microsoft which is as good as Apple devices.

To me,when I saw the video which shows the comparison between windows vista and snow leopard  I guess, I was very convinced of the fact that the feature spotlight is ‘copied’ and made search in Vista. So, to me Steve appeared to be a genius and Bill to a master. I dont know exactly the vista release and the who is the CEO of Microsoft when vista was in market.

The major thing which made me look Steve as genius was iMac  .

I do not know exactly what people think . Do they think battle between Apple and Microsoft as battle among Steve and Bill? or the products of Apple and Microsoft ?

To me as I see, people look at the products the way they can can use them. They dont think about the biography and the character of the personality who is standing before them and giving the demo of the product. So if see Steve as marketing person and an innovator he is considered a role model.

To me there is nothing like, you should have a set of characteristics to be satisfied in order to you to be actually called a role model. It is all the way we look at people and get inspired. If you donate your whole fortune will you be called a role model? If you dont contribute to charity is there any rule which says you are not a role model?

The whole point being a roll model is you contributing to the society and improving the society . I guess that is the best thing a person can do in his short life span!!